Succession & Leader Development:

Less subjective… and more useful.

Create succession plans for positions that are the lifeblood of your organization. Find and compare best-qualified candidates, even diamonds in the rough, using powerful search tools. Manage talent review meetings. Auto-update succession charts with each data upload.

BDIfocus Feature & Benefits

Incorporate Position Replacement and/or Talent Pools Succession Charts

Identify your critical and vulnerable positions and then decide on what combination of position or pool replacement charts will work best for you.

Customize & Search Talent Resumes

BDIfocus talent resumes are comprehensive, integrated with succession charts, and are divided into three tabs: Experience, Preferences, & Talent Review. Configure talent resumes to show or hide fields. Search resumes using multiple limiters to find the talent you need.

Empower Mentors

Succession candidates often benefit from a mentor. BDIfocus gives mentors access to succession candidate talent profiles and development plans so that mentors can proactively assist candidates to prepare for succession or other jobs in their career paths.

Monitor and Develop Bench Strength

What parts of your organization have a strong (or weak) pipeline of succession candidates? BDIfocus helps you to keep track, prioritize development where the pipeline is weaker, and create development plans linked to the BDIfocus development resource guide (DRG) populated based on your organization resources.

Do Scenario Planning

See a major strategy change coming? BDIfocus lets you model hypothetical jobs or competency needs, evaluate staff readiness, and put plans in place to prepare people. Or, complete a Chain of Moves Analysis to show you who can fill in for the persons you promote, and identify the maximum overall proficiency of organization job changes or restructuring.

Valid, Defensible Data: Most important, replace subjective, error prone judgments with proper, data-based, fair succession decisions.

QuotesOur succession planning is a subjective annual process that our Board requires. It doesn’t add much value. Nobody puts much effort into it.”

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