Performance Management:

Create an approach that works best for your organization

Whether you want to get onboard with new performance approaches or implement a more traditional approach, we’ll partner with you. We’ve designed performance planning and review systems for 35 years, and we thoroughly understand how challenging, fear-producing, and frustrating they can be for staff and HR. If you are anxious to get more from performance management, BDIfocus is the right place to go.

BDIfocus Feature & Benefits

Clear Vision

Good performance management generally starts with creating a clear vision of where you want to go, and even better, an agreed path to get there. But it isn’t really enough to just have an organization vision; each individual should also have a plan. BDIfocus allows you to create individual plans with a variety of different options, including goals, performance standards, and competencies.

Make process faster, easier, but also more useful

Performance planning and reviews can be very labor intensive. BDIfocus can help. Utilize a variety of tools to pre-populate performance plans.

Flexible Performance Review Options 

Who do you want to involve in your process, and in what sequence? What do you want your users to see? What kind of rating scale fits for you? Want multi-rater input? Our clients choose from dozens of configurations. 

Easier to Administer & Report

Bulk set-up tools allow you to create thousands of customized reviews in minutes. Flexible notifications and emails show users where they are at in the process and allow them to easily complete their tasks. Easily delegate reviews to the proper supervisor, even if your HRIS doesn’t have complete and accurate data. Different reports allow you to update executives daily on progress with summary or detailed data.

QuotesHow do we create a performance management system that actually improves performance? A process that managers and employees embrace, not dread? Quotes

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