Competency Libraries & Models:

Your foundation for Integrated Talent Management

Competencies are the building blocks of talent management and are used to hire, onboard, develop, assess, promote, and pay staff. If your organization hasn’t created competency models for your critical roles, you may be missing one of the best opportunities to effectively manage employee performance and development.

BDIfocus Feature & Benefits

Comprehensive Library

No need to re-create the wheel, search for hard-to-find technical competencies, or pay exhoritant amounts for commercial competency libraries. Choose from multiple competency models – 1,000 are free – and different libraries of core and technical competencies that are essential for successful job performance.

Easily Customized

Tailor your competency library and competency models for best fit with your organization. Easily activate or inactivate competencies or add new ones. 

Simply the best competency management tools on the market

Our Job Profiling template walks you through a structured approach that produces outstanding results that are also valid and legally defensible. Other tools let you easily manage and maintain your competency library and models.

Fully Integrated with Talent Management Processes

Competency models work seamlessly with our all of our talent management modules, including performance, development, succession, multi-rater assessments, and behavioral interviewing.

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