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Focus Software Customization

Too often organizations are forced to change their talent management practices to be in line with their technology solution. This is backwards; technology should be supporting their processes. The BDI focus application is different. We design it to be flexible with hundreds of configurations, but we will create customized capabilities to meet your unique needs. This not only means that you can do talent management your way, but it also means that you can take talent management tasks that you currently do on paper or in non-talent management applications such as Excel and incorporate them into BDIfocus so that you can do them better and all in one place.

Core Competency & Value Identification

Thousands of organizations have discovered that they can gain great value from identifying competencies and values that are essential for all staff. Identifying and promoting core competencies is one of the best ways to drive performance and at the same time build a positive culture, and it is a good launch pad for talent management. The benefits far surpass the required effort.

Competency Modeling

BDI’s Competency Modeling and job profiling service is among the most advanced and tested in the world. It provides an opportunity for managers and direct reports to share their views on the competencies that are needed for their job roles. Participants are facilitated through a positive, structure small group process that brings clarity and consensus.

TM Project Planning, Change Management, & Implementation

Today’s organizations are lean. Given the existing workload, taking on a new talent management or technology implementation is daunting. BDI has assisted with dozens, and we can assist you too.

Talent Management Process Design

We are strong believers that when it comes to talent management programs, “no one size fits all.” Many factors should be considered, such as your history and culture, values, past talent management processes, current organization goals and challenges, sophistication of managers, and implementation and support resources, and available technology. Let BDI’s leverage its 25+ years of talent management process expertise to design Talent Management processes that fully addresses your organization’s needs.

Customer Support the BDI Way

BDI is committed to the success of our clients. This is more than an empty set of words. The real difference comes in our response when you face an issue or have a question. With BDI you will get:

  • Fast, personalized response to your needs
  • Knowledgeable support person assigned to your account who knows your company and you.
  • Easy and quick access. No waiting on phone queues.
  • Reliable updates on your concern at the time(s) we promise to update you.

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