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CME Group’s Talent Exchange Win by Jim Graber, Ph.D.

Talent Management Magazine, July-August 2016.

The Talent Exchange is an unconventional approach to employee development that merits attention.
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Find a Position of Strength by Jim Graber, Ph.D.

Talent Management Magazine, May-June 2016.

Here’s how one organization takes a strengths-based approach with its performance management process.
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Development Off the Beaten Path at UL by Jim Graber, Ph.D.

Talent Management Magazine, March-April 2016

Leadership development is an annual top priority for talent leaders. So what is the best way to do leadership development?
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Onboarding Millennials by Jim Graber, Ph.D.

Talent Management Magazine, January-February 2016

Gen Y is now the largest generation in the workforce. This requires a change in approach to attract, engage, and retain top performing young talent.
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Creating Layers of Competency by Jim Graber, Ph.D.

Chief Learning Officer, January, 2016

Competency Modeling has typically been a mishmash of too much time and enough accomplished. An expedited, multi-layered approach can change all that.
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Competency-Based Training Basics by William Rothwell and James Graber, Ph.D.

ASTD, 2010

A practical primer on competency-based training and learning.
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Lean But Agile by William Rothwell, James Graber, Neil McCormick

AMACOM, 2012.

Rethink Workforce Planning and Gain a True Competitive Edge.
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The Complete Competency Toolkit by William Rothwell, James Graber, Ph.D, William Dubois

Human Resource Development Press, 2015

Step-by-step guidelines and tips to create a competency framework for talent management programs.
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