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Congratulations. Your basic talent management programs – staffing, performance management, and development planning are ok. It’s time to up your game in leadership development, succession planning, and career development. Or maybe you want to re-invent your staffing, performance management, and learning and development. We can help you review the latest talent management practices and then move ahead. And show you how to effectively use the many advanced features in BDI-focus.

Examples of Advanced Talent Management

Employee Learning & Development

  • Broaden your learning approaches beyond classroom and e-learning. Add on-the-job, collaborative, and blended learning opportunities
  • Engage staff and management in rating your development activities and suggesting good learning resources. Reduce HR role in identifying learning.

Performance Planning & Review

  • Design a new system that is more forward looking and more collaborative, and less focused on ratings
  • Shorten performance planning timeframes down from one year to quarterly or project-based.

Career Management

  • Have staff create their online profiles/resumes online
  • Create career ladders for strategically important functions in your organization
  • Support staff and managers to create individual career paths and associated development plans

Succession Management & Leadership Development

  • Identify your critical positions. Build replacement chart and/or pool structure.
  • Introduce an objective, annual talent assessment process
  • Initiate or strengthen leadership development

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