Why Partner with Us

Who is BDI? We are talent management partners, working closely with our clients to help them to achieve results. We were one of the first companies to develop an integrated talent management solution, and today we still maintain our position on the leading edge of talent management. With BDI at your side, you can feel confident about achieving your talent goals.

The BDI Advantage

We are talent management (TM) experts with more than 30 years of experience. We assist our clients in:

Trustworthy TM Experts

Your primary contact at BDI will be an experienced talent management expert; a professional with the background to understand you and your organization and add great value as you work on a variety of challenges together. Ultimately, an individual who will become a close colleague and your trusted advocate.

Robust Online Tools

When TM professionals compare products, they choose BDIfocus over the competition because BDI focus reflects an in-depth understanding of talent management best practices. We are much more than a software development company.

Extensive Content Database

Competencies are the foundation of integrated talent management. Why re-create the wheel? Get off to a quick start by utilizing our competency library, competency models, behavioral interview questions, assessments, implementation guides, and more.

Quality Customer Service

Poor customer service is so frustrating, yet so common! At BDI, service is a priority; fast and easy to access, competent and comprehensive.


Tailored Solutions

BDIfocus offers hundreds of configurations – capabilities that you can easily turn on or off to tailor BDIfocus to your situation. Still, virtually every client has some unique needs, and BDI is one of the few TM providers that develops customized capabilities, and we do it at a reasonable cost. Our customizations are fully integrated into our standard BDIfocus version so that future upgrades are never an issue.

Thought Leadership

We live and breathe talent management. Prominent organizations such as AMACOM, ATD, and Human Capital Media regularly publish our work. We speak and participate at professional conferences. For you, this assures authoritative consulting and support.

Lean & Efficient = Best Value Pricing

Our efficient structure enables us to pass on considerable cost savings to our clients. You will find that out initial and on-going costs are very fair and within reach of even small organizations. In short, outstanding tools and benefits at affordable prices.

Working with BDI

Our relationships with clients are typically long-term – some 10+ years. As you get to know us, you will find that we are:

  • Avid listeners
  • Talent management (TM) experts
  • Highly experienced through engagements with hundreds of organizations over the past 30+ years
  • D. and Master’s Degree level Organization and Business Psychologists
  • Writers of professional books and articles on a variety of talent management topics
  • University faculty and presenters at professional conferences
  • Innovative
  • Frank
  • Passionate about talent management and our client’s success

Whether you require assistance in a single area or a fully integrated TM System, you can count on BDI for innovation, teamwork, reliability, and ultimately the delivery of promised results.